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Chat Room Guidelines:

  • Profanity/Vulgarities, Flaming, Swearing, Flooding and Insulting chatters or members are not allowed. Let us respect each other, after all we are here to make friends.
  • As much as possible, we would like to stay with English or Tagalog language only so we can all understand.
  • Be careful, don’t provide any real personal or financial information for any one inside chat room.
  • We advice you not to open any external URL from inside the chat room, those URL’s may harm your pc and reveal your privacy, you’re not allowed to post URL’s of other websites inside the chat rooms.
  • Your password is just for your use, don’t reveal it to any one, We Will Not Ask For Your Password.
  • Please read Privacy statement and Terms of Use pages.


More Fun:

  • Now that PPN and DjKorn Staffs and DJs are combined, we can listen or request songs while chatting or even sing along. – DONE
  • We will have a webcam to webcam or webcam to many feature ‘soon’. – DONE
  • We will have a powerful points system where you can convert to cash ‘soon’.
  • We will have lots of contests/games ‘soon’.


If you need self-help:

Please go to:


For Best Chat Experience:

  • The higher your screen resolution the better, you need to have at least (1024*768) to see the chat clearly, to change your monitor resolution please check the following videos: Windows XP and Windows 7 | Windows Vista.
  • If your still using an old version of Internet Explorer, we advice you to upgrade to IE version 7 at least, or get a free Explorer like: Firefox | Chrome.
  • You need Adobe Flash Player to join chat rooms, download and install the latest version from here: Adobe Flash Player.
  • Please BE CAUTIOUS, don’t provide private information to any body in the chat room, don’t accept URL’s from other chatters, don’t open links, your PC security is your responsibility, act smart and if you need any help talk to an Admins or Moderators online.